Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rihanna's New Album

ECHO 17 - Rihanna can not wait to release an album again. This sixth album in fact already recorded and just waiting for the finishing process. Unfortunately until now it seems Rihanna is still not willing to comment on this new album.

The title is still not known but from the information circulating is already finished album was recorded. According to Contact Music, Verse Simmonds had leaked this information when he was interviewed by MTV some time ago.

This time the verse is incorporated in The Jugganauts contributed two tracks that are far different from the track Man Down. Besides the two tracks of this Jugganauts, reportedly Rihanna is also going to include the results of his collaboration with Beyonce Knowles that he had recorded earlier.

Rihanna has long wanted to work with Beyonce and after a negotiation in this year's Grammy ceremony, they both finally found time to record one song together. Let's wait Rihanna's latest album on the market.
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